2 x 16 cells.

The emotion line is made of two open cabinet speakers, each fitted with 16 MS-2 series cells.

Measuring 125 centimetres high, 52 centimetres wide and 33 centimetres deep,
they fit easily into most interiors.

Made of medium covered in a varnished oak veneer, it weighs roughly 56 kg (123 lb),
which makes it very stable in its position on the ground.

The absence of back panels enables the music to fill the room, without resonating.


2 x 8 cells.


  • Number of cells tailored to suit (2 x X cells).
  • Cabinet model tailored to suit: various finishes available.


Let your imagination run wild: MT Acoustic will design you your own tailor-made speakers.

Choose the number of cells you want and adapt them to the size of your rooms.

Choose your own finish: varnished wood, wood or lacquered veneer.

Customized quote